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A novel solenoid valve adapted for use as a pilot valve for a flow control valve of the pressure responsive type, such as a normally closed diaphragm valve, but capable of being employed as a primary flow control valve. The solenoid valve includes an orifice fitting in the form of a nipple having an annular valve seat at its outer end, a valve ball of much larger diameter than the valve seat for coating therewith, reciprocable plunger means functioning as an armature for an electromagnetic coil for holding the valve ball in engagement with said valve seat and having means for guiding said valve ball between its seated and unseated positions, and spring means for maintaining the plunger means in engagement with said valve ball. The plunger means has valve cage forming means in surrounding spaced relation to the orifice fitting and valve ball and carries means for unseating said valve ball upon outward reciprocation of said plunger means, the valve ball unseating means being spaced from the seated valve ball whereby said plunger means moves out of engagement with seated ball valve prior to unseating thereof and is spaced therefrom in its unseated position. The electromagnetic coil of the solenoid surrounds a portion of the plunger means, at least a part of which is of magnetic material, and is comprised of a multiplicity of multifilar windings of fine gauge wire of the order of 0.004 of an inch whereby said coil is of reduced volume without sacrificing efficiency and with the result that said solenoid is relatively minute.